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All products are handcrafted in leather with tremendous love and care. The entire manufacturing is a complete hand process and all material used is safe and non-toxic.

Each product comes in many different sizes starting from 06”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 24” 30”, 36”, 42”, 48” 60” 72” (inches). We serve any size leather animals, wall hangings, sculptures, etc. Our regular includes leather

furniture, sculptures, lamps, wall hangings, sitting stools, pen stands, ash trays, leather animal figurines like Deer, Stag, Horse, Bull, Birds, Camel, Tiger, Elephant, Rhino & Hippo, Dinosaur, Giraffe, Elephant & Horses with western saddle, Camel with racing saddle, Leopard, Black Panther etc. Water animals Like Crocodile, Turtle, Dolphins, etc. and many more items.

For the natural and the best look of each article, we take care of animal anatomy, which is very important. We make life size products as well. You are most welcome to send us your requirements of specific products with all related details and we will be glad to develop the same for you and we assure you exclusive designs.

At Karigars Handicrafts we promise to provide you with the article of your choice, as your satisfaction is our happiness. Good Quality is always ensured, as are timely deliveries. In short, customer is the ultimate desire of Karigars Handicrafts.

Manufacturing process of leather toys and used raw materials is as under:-
1. Powder of Paper.2. G. I. Wire of iron.3. Grass.4. Thread.

5. Lye for Gumming (Lye of tamarind seed powder because of its high binding capacity).

6. Leather of sheep.7. Color.8. Polish.9. Gum.10.Fungicide (Herbal).

The entire manufacturing is a complete hand process and all material used is safe and non-toxic.

Details of Manufacturing Process:-
1. First we make a G. I. Wire structure of the leather toy (animal in particular to be made). On this structure grass is tied by using thread. This is our raw and basic piece for any animal. All process is done by hand.

2. Now a thick paste is made by using Paper powder, lye of baked tamarind seed powder, water and fungicide(Herbal). This paste is incorporated on the basic raw piece and sculpturing of specified items.

3. After drying of above piece, leather is pasted by using lye of tamarind seed powder. Now leather is finished smoothly.

4. We color it and then polish it; to prevent it from fungus we fumigate our finished products with smoke of neem leaves.

5. Finally packaging of the products is completed.

20 feet container contains:
1. Minimum 2500 pieces of 12” size.

2. Or 2000 pieces of 12” & 2000 pieces of 6” size.

3. Or 1500 pieces of 12”, 500 pieces of 18” & 1600 pieces of 6”size.

4. Or 1000 pieces of 12”, 500 pieces of 18”, 200 pieces of 24” & 1500 pieces of 6” size.

Approximate Weight:

06”: 100gms.   10”: 400gms.   12”: 650gms.  18”: 2,500gms.

  24”: 5,000gms.



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