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We Deal In ::- Leather Clothes ,   Leather Paintings ,   Leather Stools , Leather Decoratives , Urea , Rice , Sugar , Cement , Canvas Painting  Marble Painting , marble Picture and many More...





Gold Plated Jewellery

Lac Necklace



Leather Bags

Leather Clothes

Leather Decorative

Leather Stools and Lamps

Leather Tables

Marble Painting

Marble Picture

Metal Item

Mix Handicraft

Mix Painting

     Oxidised Item
     Silver Item
     Gems Stone Picture and Boxes
     Canvas painting
     Wooden Handicrafts
     Kid Shoes
     Women Shoe
     Embroidery Clothes
    T-Shirts & Shirts

We wish to introduce our self's as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of leather jewellery,handicraft & furniture from India and Pakistan. We have some exclusive products that are only made by us in the world no one else makes it. We have our own production unit we can manufacture any amount of goods within time frame. We have sufficient staff to produce any quantity of goods. All our products are hand made. We have great demand of these product in international market So We have planned to open world wide stores. We have a proposal for dealers and distributor.

Store Concept

A new concept of exclusive showrooms has been introduced in the market by the company to match the individual demand of the customers.
Convenience and variety is the general concept behind opening these stores. Keeping in view the demand that varies from customer to customer and possibility of every retailer to keep the complete range of all the items, karigars international came up with this idea of exclusive showrooms. This idea has not only given the company a chance to provide the complete array of our products to the customers but has also given salesman an opportunity to interact with them on a personal level. These inputs of the customers helps tremendously in new product innovations. The first of its kinds was started in 2004 and after experiencing the tremendous response the number of these stores have been increased .Plans are on the anvil to open more than 100 showrooms by the year 2009.

Franchising Showroom

Shape up your dreams with karigars international Exclusive showroom.

Low risk

Franchising is a way of doing business. A concept to promote mutual benefits. With the opening of the economy the environment of franchising has caught on the new market scenario. Today customers are getting more and more conscious about the quality and the status-quo standards of the product they buy. The Customers of the new millennium wants to buy branded and quality products from mega stores where they do not have to worry about anything.

karigars International, a business conglomerate of repute. With your vast inherent entrepreneur talent and keen business acumen you can also provide customers a shopping pleasure of global standards being the proud owner of an karigars international super store.

All you need to have is an area of 800 to 1000 sq.ft. in the hub of your city, capability to invest $25,000 and business acumen and you will soon become a millionaire. What more you will get the return on your initial investment within 12-18 months.
You can yourself imagine the potential of the golden opportunity to rake in big bucks and being the proud owner of karigars international store.

So what are you waiting for, opportunities don't knock twice.

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